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Note- Please consult your local priests, temple or calendar for exact details. Dates and Days indicated may vary depending upon the  calendar you follow.



Moonrise (CST-USA / INDIA)

Vinayaki Chaturthi

01/21/02 Tuesday (Angarika) 19:11 (CST) 21:22 hrs (IST) 01/06/03 Monday
02/19/03 Wednesday 20:39 (CST) 21:10 hrs (IST) No vinayaki Chathurti
03/21/03 Friday 19:12 (CST) 21:59 hrs (IST) 03/07/03 Friday
04/19/03 Saturday 22:02 (CST) 21:52 hrs (IST) 04/05/03 Saturday
05/19/03 Monday 23:14 (CST) 22:46 hrs (IST) 05/05/03
06/17/03 Tuesday(Angarika) 22:48 (CST) 22:20 hrs (IST) 06/04/03
07/16/03 Wednesday 22:34 (CST) 22:41hrs (IST) 07/03/03 Thursday
08/15/03 Friday 21:27 (CST) 21:27 hrs (IST) 08/31/03 SundayGanesh Chaturti
09/14/03 Sunday 20:35 (CST) 21:05 hrs (IST) 09/29/03 Monday
10/13/03 Monday 18:55 (CST) 20:17 hrs (IST) 10/28/03 Tuesday
11/12/03 Wednesday 19:15 (CST) 20:25 hrs (IST) 11/27/03 Thursday
12/12/03 Friday 20:28 (CST) 20:59 hrs (IST) 12/26/03 Friday


This is an important Ganapati Pooja performed to keep harm at bay though it is less elaborate than Ganesh Chaturthi. If it falls on a Tuesday, it is doubly auspicious. A fast is observed on this day which is broken after sighting the moon.

Things Required:

Rice powder for rangoli
Bunch of bananas and other seasonal fruits
Laddoo made of sesame seeds, jaggery, groundnut and dried coconut
Ganapati is worshipped with the offerings consisting of various delicacies which he loves to eat. The favorite of Ganapati is the laddoo made of sesame seeds, jaggery, groundnut and dried coconut and this is a must in the offerings. The katha read is the story of Ganapati as Angarakha Sankat Mochan.
Obattu is specially cooked.

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